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This is where longer pieces go where I talk about things I've been playing with in my spare time. I constantly have side projects, but I don't always feel like writing long pieces about them. These are posted very very rarely.

Nopelepsy update July 2022

Pub. 2022 Jul 8

Comparing different Nopelepsy versions from the past several years

Monte carlo confidence intervals

Pub. 2022 May 20

A technique for generating arbitrary confidence intervals in a cheap way.

Nopelepsy Update: OpenCV and OpenCL

Pub. 2018 Aug 12

Updating Nopelepsy to use image and GPGPU libraries and the algorithm changes involved.

Nopelepsy technical introduction

Pub. 2018 Jan 2

Talking about a way detect possible epilepsy-sensitive flashes in videos.

Microfacet Importance Sampling: For Dummies

Pub. 2016 Feb 2

Quick rundown of the important equations for doing BRDF microfacet importance sampling for path tracing.

Written by Daniel Taylor.

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