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This is where I put much shorter pieces that are less informative and opinionated/inflamatory enough for me to not put on my front page. Unfinished posts are located here

The world's shittiest PS/2 emulation

Pub. 2022 May 6

Seriously. It's real real bad.

Chaos engine

Pub. 2021 Jun 16

The revolution will return after these short messages.


Pub. 2021 Jun 4

Just a code snippet

The stack

Pub. 2020 Sep 3

Thinking about why the stack works well

Obligatory "new website" post

Pub. 2020 Jun 18

The hows and the whys

JVM bytecode sucks

Pub. 2020 Jun 6

I get mad at people who think that JVMs and the .class file format are good ideas

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